Pastor Dale Painter

Poem by Pastor Dale Painter
I knew a young man once lost out in sin.
He was an alcoholic and thought he had many friends.
He drank whiskey by the bottles, and beer by the cans.
The Devil had him in his power leading him by the hands.

He had a good wife, kind, simple and sweet. . .
And the cutest little boy you would ever want to meet.
He worked only a day or two a week,
To buy whiskey instead of food for them to eat.
A wife and a child without food or clothes,
And a rough time they had, God only knows.

Then came the DT´s if you know what I mean,
The Devil, demons and evil things he had seen.
Then trying to sober up in a hospital four stories high,
Dived through a window, but God said its not his time to die.

Months went by and his wounds began to heal,
And to buy whiskey he had to lie and steal.
Then lost all alone in jail,
All his friends had forsaken him, nobody to go his bail.
Then lost all alone something seemed to say,
“Try the Lord Jesus He´s the only way.”

The Lord Jesus came into his life,
He´s back now with his family, his child and wife.
He carries the Devil´s scars all over his face,
But inside his heart changed because of God´s grace.
The Lord Jesus saved his soul and set him free -
I know, my friend, because that man was me!

Pastor Dale Painter